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Assorted Matzo

Matzos are a fast and fabulous way to present your favorite party schmear. Plus they make a great low-fat snack. And these are just a couple of ideas! All our Matzos and Crackers are baked on a regular basis so you know they're going to taste fresh–no matter how you serve them, or which variety you choose.

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  • Matzo, 5lb and 1lb
  • Organic Spelt Matzo
  • Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares
  • Passover Egg Matzo
  • Passover Thin Tea Matzo
  • Passover Whole Wheat Matzo
  • Yolk Free Egg Matzo
  • Passover Thin Unsalted Matzo
  • Schmura Matzo
  • Mediterranean Flavored Matzo
  • Organic Matzo

Crackers/Tam Tams®

  • Passover Matzo Crackers
  • Passover Egg Crackers
  • Passover Crackers - Garlic Tam Tams®
  • Passover Crackers - Everything Tam Tams®
  • Passover Crackers - Original Tam Tams®
  • Passover Crackers - Original Tiny Tams®
  • Passover Crackers - Everything Tiny Tams®
  • Passover - Gluten Free Crackers

Matzo Meal & Ingredients

  • Matzo Meal Canister 16 oz, 27 oz
  • Whole Grain Matzo Farfel
  • Whole Grain Matzo Meal
  • Potato Starch Canister
  • Matzo Farfel Canister
  • Cake Meal Canister

SYMBOLS KEY:    = Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union     = Kosher for Passover    * = Teitlebaum    ** = Teitlebaum & KAJ

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