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Eight days of Matzo for Passover may seem like a lot. That is until you realize Manischewitz makes dozens of Matzo products––including 16 kinds of Matzo, plus Matzo Meal, Matzo Ball Mix, Matzo Ball Soup, Matzo Crackers…enough already, you say? But that's not all. There must be fifty ways to eat your Matzo. Here are ten:

  1. Cover it with melted chocolate
  2. Make it into Pancakes
  3. Knead it into Eggless Kneidlach
  4. Schmear it with your favorite schmear
  5. Roll into a basic ball
  6. Crush it into crumbs and use instead of matzo meal
  7. Shape it into a Farfel Ring
  8. Bake it into Apple Matzo Kugel
  9. Plop it into Meat Ball Stew
  10. Or, just plain stuff it


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