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For 8 days and nights we fill our plates with yummy traditional sides ranging from deep fried latkes to jelly donuts (sufganiot) and chocolate treats. It’s really important to set the pace when it comes to dining during the holiday festivities. Even more important, this year is the first since 1888 that Thanksgiving falls out on the same night as Chanukah – double the food, double the fun and double the calories!
If ever there were a time to indulge it would be during this Thanksgivukah fusion, when traditional American cuisine and fried Jewish comfort foods will be served up in one outrageous, calorie-laden meal.
What can be done to avoid feeling like an ungashtupt turkey the next day? LIGHT UP THE TURKEY and try to find balance with all of our delicious holiday favorites and some new, lighter recipes!

Here’s how to ‘Light Up’ your Thanksgivukah Feast:

One Bite Turkey, One Bite Salad

Both Thanksgiving and Chanukah foods are off the chart delicious. It’s hard not to include all of your favorite recipes in this one large blow-out meal.
While setting the table with that scrumptious stuffing-filled turkey, the heaping platter of latkes and Bubbe’s famous sweet potato marshmallow pie, add some colorful bowls and plates filled with tasty vegetables and lots of salad fixings. This will give you more variety and allow you to pick only those few MUST HAVE holiday menu items.
Fall is also an excellent time to break out those fantastically hearty and beautifully presented vegetable soup recipes, making your overall menu more bountiful, mouthwatering and healthier.

The Miracle of Whole Grains....

Whole grains like quinoa, couscous, brown rice and legumes are great starchy fillers that are beyond versatile and good for you! With hundreds of recipes ranging from stuffings to salads, these whole grains offer your guests a new alternative while still wowing them with an amazingly delicious dish.
At the end of the night, they will be singing your praises for keeping it all in balance. Great food… that’s also good for you! Ess Gesunt! (Eat in good health!)

Light It Up with Coconut Oil (and other healthier alternatives)

With a few simple healthy swaps and some cooking tips, you can lighten up your favorite holiday recipes without any real effort or sacrifice to flavor.
Go ahead and make it all! Your need to feed without guilt can still be happily indulged, knowing you have truly made the best (and healthiest) meal for your family.

    Light It Up Tips:
  • Olive oil and coconut oil are great alternatives when making some of those high calorie dressings or crust recipes that call for butter or margarine.
  • When making cream sauces or gravies, combine coconut milk or almond milk with a low sodium vegetable or chicken broth for a healthier and tasty result.
  • Cooking all your grains in Manischewitz® Low Sodium Chicken or Vegetable broth is another great way to add lots of flavor and keep the “add-ons” to a minimum.
  • Make sure to use in season vegetables, ensuring you get all of their great taste, flavor and color.
  • Does the recipe calls for buttermilk? Try this: 1 cup of buttermilk = 1 cup of soy milk + 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.
  • Does the dressing recipe call for mayonnaise? Try using mashed avocado instead! In addition to being a nutrient-rich food that come packed with omega-3’s and good fatty acids, they actually make a tastier alternative to mayo in salad dressing recipes.
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