Welch’s Kosher 100% Grape Juice

The Welch’s Manischewitz 100% Grape Juice has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no added sugar and best of all sulfite free.

Welch’s Manischewitz 100% Grape Juice provides polyphenols, naturally occurring plant
nutrients found in the Concord Grape.

  • Concord grapes deliver natural polyphenols—including many of the same ones found
    in red wine. Not only do polyphenols give Concord grapes their vibrant color, but these
    plant nutrients can act as antioxidants and provide other benefits to help promote health.
    Concord grapes are distinct from other grapes, including many table grapes, because
    they have a thick, dark purple skin and crunchy seeds, both of which hold the key to
    real grape goodness. That’s because polyphenols are concentrated in the skins and
    seeds of Concord grapes.
  • Dark purple, seeded grapes, like the Concord grape, have more polyphenols than many
    table grapes, because these naturally-occurring plant nutrients are concentrated in the
    seeds as well as in the colorful skin.

Welch’s Manischewitz 100% Grape Juice is squeezed from whole Concord grapes to deliver
convenient, concentrated nutrition in every glass. The entire Concord grape – skin, seeds and
all – is pressed to release polyphenols straight from the grape into the juice. So, by drinking
Welch’s Manischewitz 100% Grape Juice, you can be sure you’re getting the health benefits
offered by the Concord grape.