Manischewitz Provides Met Council with Essential Food for Hurricane Sandy Victims

November 6, 2012 (New York, NY) - In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many communities are rapidly running out of food. Met Council's Kosher Food Network is making every effort to distribute thousands of pounds of food to the greatest affected areas, but supplies in the largest kosher food warehouse in the nation are running dangerously low. Thanks to an extremely generous contribution from The Manischewitz Company, the nation's oldest and largest manufacturer of Kosher food products, Met Council will continue to be able to meet immediate needs.

Manischewitz has donated an estimated $50,000 (a full truckload) in canned foods, sardines, dry and wet soups, and gefilte fish. As a dedicated partner, Manischewitz continuously works with Met Council by donating products and supporting the community.

"We have an ongoing partnership with Met Council and continuously try to support them in every way we possibly can," said Manischewitz Co-President & CEO Alain Bankier. "We felt that this was especially the time to stand behind them and to help those in need in our community" added Paul Bensabat, also Co-President & CEO of the company.

About The Manischewitz Company
Manischewitz is the nation’s oldest and largest manufacturer of kosher food products. Founded in 1888, it is the number one baker of matzo or unleavened bread as well as the number one gefilte fish producer, in the entire world. Manischewitz has been a Jewish household name for many generations, and as an intresic part of every Jewish family in America, the company is committed to giving back to Jewish communities around the country. Learn more at

About Met Council
Met Council is one of New York’s largest human services agencies, providing 100,000 New Yorkers with critical services in their fight against poverty every year. Since 1972, Met Council has been an advocate and defender for New Yorkers in need, and has raised awareness around the growing problem of Jewish poverty. With services ranging from domestic violence counseling to kosher food pantries to career training, Met Council helps individuals find lasting solutions to poverty. To learn more, visit