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So maybe they don't swim upstream to spawn, but there is a boatload of interesting––and impressive––facts to know about Gefilte fish. Here are just a few of them:

  • Gefilte is not a species of fish; rather, it is a loaf of fish
  • The word Gefilte comes from German (angefüllt) and it means "stuffed" or "filled" (although nowadays it means "loaf of fish")
  • Traditionally, Gefilte fish was removed from the bone and mixed with eggs, onions and spices as a way of preserving it
  • Because Gefilte fish is deboned, it also satisfies the Jewish law that prohibits the removing of bones from fish on Shabbos
  • Gefilte may be made from a variety of fish
  • Manischewitz makes schools of Gefilte items, including Whitefish and Pike, All Whitefish, Premium Gold, and traditional Gefilte Fish in either a jelled or non-jelled broth
  • Gefilte fish is often served with horseradish (try Manischewitz horseradish for a new twist on cream horseradish sauces)
  • A Magic Max Kids ActivityA creative way to serve Gefilte as an appetizer is to shape it with a cookie cutter spritzed with a little cooking spray to prevent sticking (served with––you guessed it––a dollop of horseradish)


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