1. Where do you read the Julian Code on Manischewitz products?

The batch code and expiration date on our products is called a Julian Code. For example, on gefilte fish, the first three numbers (in the first row of numbers and letters) tell the day of the year and go from 001 to 365 and the fourth number tells the year. If a code reads 1230 it means that the expiration date is the 123rd day of 2010 and if it reads 1231 the expiration date is 2011. The letters are related to the plant where the product was made and the last numbers are the UPC number.

2. What is the shelf life of Manischewitz products?

It varies from product to product. Matzo is 2 to 2-1/2 years; Gefilte Fish is 4 years; canned soups are 3 years. It is important to store products in a dry, temperature controlled environment.

3. Where can you buy Manischewitz products?

Our products can be purchased online (either at Amazon.com or other online sites) or at most major retailers. If Manischewitz products are not available in your market, you can make a request to the store manager.

4. After you open Gefilte Fish or Borscht how long will they last?

Once opened, these products should be refrigerated and eaten within 3 to 5 days. Gefilte Fish can be frozen and keeps best in the freezer if it is covered with the jell or liquid.

5. How do you eat Gefilte Fish? Does it have to be cooked?

Gefilte Fish is a cooked product and can be eaten directly from the jar. It is very good with a salad. Horsesradish is also frequently used as a condiment.

6. What is a Tam Tam?

A Tam Tam is the world’s most famous kosher cracker. It is baked in a matzo oven at a higher temperature than any comparable cracker. Tam Tams are a delicious treat that go perfectly with any topping or straight out of the box.