Manischewitz® Debuts an Array of New Products Just in Time For Passover

Gluten-Free Line Expands As Well As Everyday Food and Treats

Newark, NJ (March, 2013) - Manischewitz® announces the introduction of dozens of innovative and new products which are sure to bring families together during Passover and everyday meals. Set to hit shelves for Passover 2013, the new products include frozen macaroon dough, Passover cereal, Gluten-Free matzo and much more.

With consumers continuing to seek out “Better for You” items, a number of the new products feature the Manischewitz Health and Wellness Icon. The icon communicates the healthier attributes of the products such as being all-natural and an excellent source of fiber, low sodium, no MSG, sulfite-free, no artificial preservatives or ingredients! This icon is a testament to Manischewitz commitment to creating delicious and healthy products for all consumers so that they can be enjoyed and shared during memorable meals throughout the year.

New products debuting include:

Health and Wellness Food:
Manischewitz® Organic Matzos:
Recognizing the recent Organic craze, Manischewitz has pulled new Organic Matzo out of the oven. It is a perfect option for those health-conscious consumers! Available in a 16 oz. box with a SRP of $5.79 to be purchased during Passover and year round.
The ever popular and healthy Coconut Water has made its way to the Guiltless Gourmet line as the first beverage to debut! Coconut water is low in calories, high in electrolytes, rich in potassium and has less sugar than most sports drinks and juices, which makes it an ideal and refreshing beverage choice. The Guiltless Gourmet Coconut Water is naturally unsweetened and pulp-free. SRP is $1.79.
Also debuting from Guiltless Gourmet are Guiltless Gourmet Exotic Root Chips. The chips are all natural, Pareve, soy, and lactose free and are a perfect combination of healthy and crunchy. The SRP is $3.49 for a 5 oz bag of chips.

This Passover, Manischewitz® is proud to add Red Velvet Macaroons to the rest of the ever-popular Macaroon flavors! Red Velvet Macaroons, along with the rest of the Macaroon line, are Gluten-Free as well as Pareve. The SRP for the macaroons is $5.99.
Don’t feel left out at the Seder (or anytime) with new Manischewitz® Gluten-Free Matzo-Style Squares and Crackers. Available for Passover and year-round, these new products are a great alternative for anyone looking for a Gluten-Free product or just something new. The SRP for the Matzo-Style Squares and the Crackers is $3.99.
Take your snacks from ordinary to extraordinary with a delicious new spread from Manischewitz®, Almond Butter Spread. The all-natural, peanut-free Almond Butter is a great peanut butter alternative, is also Gluten-Free and has an SRP of $3.99.
New from the Guiltless Gourmet line of snacks from Manischewitz® is Flaxseed Crunch Bars, available in two flavors, Almond Cranberry Flaxseed Crunch Bar and Cashew Cranberry Flaxseed Crunch Bar. These individually wrapped snacks are made from the finest ingredients and are Vegan and Gluten-Free and are high in Omega-3, B Vitamins, Fiber, and Antioxidants due to the flaxseed. The SRP of both varieties of bars is $1.79 and are available year round.
Add variety to your breakfast this Passover with Magic Max Chocolate Chip Cookie Cereal. The cereal is Gluten-Free and will give families a great and sweet start to their day! SRP of the cereal is $3.79

Mediterranean Food:
Enjoy the tastes of rosemary, oregano and olive oil with Manischewitz® Mediterranean Matzo. These flavors offer a delicious new option for those looking for matzos with distinct taste that can be enjoyed during Passover and year-round! Available in 10 oz. boxes for a SRP of $3.99.
Manischewitz® Mediterranean Gefilte Fish adds a tasty twist with the flavors of Rosemary, Oregano, and Olive Oil that distinguishes it from traditional Gefilte Fish. A jar of the Gefilte fish has a SRP of $5.99 and is available for Passover and year round.

Comfort Food Category:
New for Passover, the Manischewitz® Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips combine the richness of chocolate with the saltiness of potato chips to create this deliciously addictive snack. The chips have an SRP of $5.99 for the 4.25 oz package.
The ever-popular Manischewitz® Biscotti is available this Passover in 2 new delicious flavors: Chocolate Walnut and Cranberry Pistachio. The crunchy treat has an SRP of both flavors is $5.49.
A great, new Passover holiday treat, each container of Manischewitz® Macaroon Dough includes easy-to-follow instructions and makes 44 macaroons. They are fun to make and consumers have the ability to make them as crispy as they want! Available in 2 flavors: Chocolate and Coconut. The SRP of each flavor is $5.49.
New for Passover from Manischewitz® is Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Cups which feature a creamy Almond Butter center that is generously coated in milk chocolate for an innovative twist on a classic treat. The SRP for these chocolate treats is $5.99.